Every once in a while a mysterious creature comes my way and I am completely stumped!  I have absolutely no idea what this spider is!!  Look how weird her abdomen is!!  It curled up in different ways when she moved!  How does she even have organs in there?
  Any clues, anybody?!?!

Tiputini, Ecuador

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Defiantly an alien

I’ve seen tailed spiders but nothing like this one, not even in photos before. Holy shit it’s gorgeous and downright unreal.

Make it bigger lets ride them into battle



I was browsing through some of my old art the other day and found this little gem.  So I did a quick sketch update of the concept.  The original was from summer 2007, which seems way more recent than it actually is.  Drawing an alien cerberus was a good way to celebrate graduating high school I guess. 

Anyways, I wanted to work more on the updated one, but I’ve got no time for it.